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Mark Pre-school Academy is an OFSTED regulated facility available for 2 year olds to under 5  years old located in the village of Mark.  The Pre-school is conveniently situated behind Mark C of E Academy in a beautiful rural location.

The Pre-school's aim  is :
To provide a safe, stimulating and secure environment.  
To enhance the development and education of children under statutory school age in a parent involving community  group.  
To work within a framework which ensures equality of opportunity for all children and families.  
What we can offer your child:  

The support of a personal key worker.  
Individual care and attention made possible through a high ratio of adults to children.  
A specially tailored curriculum leading to approved learning outcomes.  
Fun and friendship with children and other adults.  
Opportunities for you and your children to be directly involved in the activities of the group and your child’s  progress.  
Each child within  the group is encouraged to progress at their own rate in all areas of development. This is also true for children with or without learning difficulties or special needs.  
Mark Pre-school Academy offers free taster sessions.  To book an appointment to view  the setting or find out more please call 01278 641691