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Summer Term Topic

What Lies Beneath?

Our Hinkley Point Trip

Dear Readers,

First, we got on the bus to go to Hinkley Point.  When we got to Hinkley visitor center we were given our lanyard and walked through a lovely garden to Hinkley visitor centre room and learned about big Carl a huge crane.  Then we turned on a light bulb by turning a wheel to create electricity.  Before we left Hinkley visitor center we had snacks by the giant Checkers board.

Then we got back on the bus and drove to Hinkley Point B and we had to put on a hard hat, jacket, glasses and ear defenders.  Then we got another lanyard and went through security.   Mrs Puddy and Miss Hook‘s passes didn’t let them go through first time.

Next, we saw the police with riffles.  Then we went to a very noisy room with turbines and we had to put our ear defenders on.  After leaving the loud room, David our tour guide talked about the turbines and fuel tablets that were used in the generator and poles that were 13M tall.  After that, we went to see people that worked there in the control room.  Then we had lunch at Wick Barrow an ancient burial ground, or some people call it Pixie’s Mound.  We saw lots of plants and insects and went around the pond area. Finally, we listened to the birds.  It was time to get back on the bus and we went back to school.  It was very interesting! 

by Lucy.

Dear Readers,

Last week we went on the bus to Hinkley Point B.  Next, we went to Hinkley visitor center at Cannington and got our lanyards.  Then we played games that symbolise what it is like to work there. Then we had a snack and went back on the bus to Hinkley B.

We finally got to … Hinkley point B and I saw my dad.  Then we walked through the turbines. We went through the lift where my ear defenders broke off!  We learnt that 12 million fuel polos and 308 squares are in a generator.

Next, we went to the adventure trail.  Then we could not go pond dipping …sadly the water was too low, but we went to Pixie’s Mound.  It was called this because apparently a long time ago pixies fixed a shovel. We had lunch in the field with spiders and maybe a pixie!  I enjoyed it a lot.               

[credits]  by George



Happy Easter!

Spring Term Topic

The Romans


The Roman Baths

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Autumn Term Topic

Chocolate and the Aztecs

Ukulele Christmas

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Merry Christmas from Kestrel Class!

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