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We made mosaics in the outdoor classroom last Friday. We used lentils, sunflower seeds and other dried food to create our designs.

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Design and Technology: We have learnt all about the history of chocolate and have designed our own chocolate bars! They look delicious!

History and Art: We have designed our own Aztec Sunstones.

In Maths, we are learning about how many hundreds, tens and ones 1,000 is made up of. We used a trundle wheel to measure and count ten lots of 100m to experience a kilometre!

We made Aztec faces (inspired by Aztec masks) in the outdoor classroom. It was rather windy, so some of us had to use tiny twigs to pin our artwork down!

We practised measuring to the nearest cm in the outdoor classroom.

In our history lesson, we followed a recipe to make xocolatl (Aztec and Mayan hot chocolate). It was hard word grinding the cocoa nibs down to a powder! We were all brave and tasted our delicious drink.

In art, we mixed paints to match the colour to The Chunk. We then used our painting to create a collage of our own mini monster. We have written character descriptions of them. I wonder what they might steal?

Chocolate theft! At the beginning of term, we discovered that the Chocolate Monster (The Chunk) had caused havoc in our classroom! He stole chocolates from Mrs Smyth's desk, left a trail of chocolate mess around our room and even tried to frame our class monkey, Brian! We have created wanted posters, written newspaper articles and instructions to try and catch the monster before he strikes again!

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