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This is our class page. You will find information and photographs showing some of the things the children have been learning about in Woodpecker class.



The most recent photographs are at the top of the page, but do scroll down to see activities from earlier in the year!


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Fencing with our coach Mr Elliot

What an amazing experience! The Kestrels and Woodpeckers loved recording their live radio broadcast. A huge thank you to Russell Prue!

We had such an amazing time at Great Wood!

Using images that we gathered for our homework, we explored lines in nature and art today. Have a look at how we are developing our sketchbooks.

Ice Age Cave Art...Miss Bradley made us lie under the tables to create our cave paintings!

Look at our latest visitor to the Woodpecker class!

Lego Wedo

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Programmed using Scratch Code Blocks

In D&T we designed and built Roman chariots. We had to saw the wood and create axles and chassis.

Our Roman V Celts battle!

On 20th April, our year 4 football team took part in a tournament at Hugh Sexey Middle School. The children played amazingly well and won all three of their qualifying matches. They played in the final and came second out of eight teams from schools in the Cheddar Valley. Well done!

We took part in the netball tournament at Hugh Sexey...and came second!


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Building Celtic roundhouses in the outdoor classroom

Have a look at some of our amazing Roman and Celtic homework. I am extremely impressed Woodpeckers.


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Poet of the far!!


The Woodpeckers have been writing poetry based on The Story Cage written by Pie Corbett.

The Story Cage


Aladdin strolled

through the enchanted cave

when his eyes glistened

with gold and silver.



Jack climbed up

on the beanstalk

'til he found the castle up on high.



Cinderella was dancing

with the prince

knowing that the

shoe would fit.


By Aimee

Crime Scene Reporters

Children at Mark C of E First School have recently discovered some mysterious events taking place within the school grounds. Unidentified tracks, footprints and crime scenes have all inspired the children to write these ‘factual’ newspaper articles. Although the mysteries are yet to be solved, the children can reassure you that there is nothing to worry about! 


Freaky Friday!


      On the 9th of October, Friday, the Woodpecker class adventured into their forest area to do a literacy lesson.

Weirdly a child named Josh saw thin tracks in the grass. The member of the class said, “I think the tracks were motorbike tracks!” Then the class noticed that the gate to the forest area was open wide.

One of the class members of the class said “When I saw the gate open.” The class went through the gate over to the log circle. When they went to explore they found a crime scene! The crime scene had tape and food items.

Mrs La Croix a teacher in the school, saw a mysterious black figure the day before the class saw the crime scene heading to the forest area.

By Ben W.



Woodpeckers discover crime in outdoors when doing work on the 9th of October.

After some exploring they discovered a basket with food all over the place.  Some sort of struggle had been going on!


On the way to the outdoors, detective Josh spotted tracks.

“I think it was a bike!”


After they spotted the struggle someone spotted a hole in the wire gate!


Roxie had hunch. “The Troll probably did it!”



This mystery lays there unsolved…


By Evan.


Crime Class

By Eanna

On Friday 9th October 2015  Woodpecker  class  went down  to  Mark  outdoor classroom. They went down to do literacy but didn’t get to for strange reasons.

Local school boy Josh  discovered tracks across the field and that the gate was open as well.  Josh said that he thought the tracks were  from a motorbike.

Mrs La Croix, year two teacher,  said she saw a shadowy figure walking across the field on Thursday 8th  October 2015.

Woodpeckers walked down to the out door class room and were feeling surrouned by crime mysteries. They walked in and  sat on the logs in the log circle.

Briony said “ I’ve got scratches on my log.”

 Woodpecker teacher explained the literacy lesson and they all went off. One of the boys said, “There are apples in a basket , 90%  coco chocolate a cracked egg , a box of eggs and some squash.”

Year four didn’t find out what happened but were suspicious too. 

Aztec clay masks.

Look what some drinks do to our teeth!

Online Safety Poster

Gerry's Amazing Adventures

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Making Aztec and natural decorations in the Outdoor Classroom.

Chocolate Tasting!

Composing and performing verses for the Oompa Loompa song!