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Welcome to Woodpecker Class!


This is our class page. You will find information and photographs showing some of the things the children have been learning about in Woodpecker class.


The most recent photographs are at the top of the page, but do scroll down to see activities from earlier in the year!


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Have a great Holiday Woodpeckers' 

Homework is in the books to be in before Great Wood pleasesmiley



Try this website to learn more about, measures, angles grids, coordinates and transformations.

Summer Term


What Lies Beneath

Health Week - Sports Day, Bikeability & Cyclists Fighting Cancer Fund Raiser

Lego Wedo Computing

Still image for this video
Working together to build models and then using 'Scratch' to control motors and sensors.

The day the ducklings came to school

Team building in the Outdoor Classroom

Spring Term Topic

Science in Action - Friction

Book Week Fun

First School Yr4 Pilgrim Day - Wells Cathedral

Roman Army - The Tortoise Formation

Roman Honey Biscuits

Gymnastics at Hugh Sexey Middle School


Christmas in Woodpecker Class

'The Christian Creation Story' using Lego

We are programmers

Using Scratch coding we have animated sprites. Using events to start the program, our code blocks move the sprite, play sound and change costumes.


'The Little Blue Frog' An Aztec tale

Making homes for the 'Little blue frog'.

Aztec Masks

Autumn Term Topic

Chocolate and the Aztecs

Science in Action

Wonka's delicious, delightful rice crispy cakes

Chocolate Tasting Lab

Transfer Day - 'Egg Challenge'