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Welcome to our class page and it is where you can find information, pictures, videos and website links about what Woodpecker class have been doing and learning about.


The most recent pictures and updates will be at the top of the page but feel free to scroll down to have a look at earlier posts in the year smiley

Happy Easter! 


I hope you have all enjoyed your last 2 week of home learning, I can't wait to see all of the wonderful work you have been doing and have loved seeing what you have been up to on purple mash!
Enjoy the next 2 weeks of your Easter Holidays and spend lots of time creating fun memories with your families. If you can, try to continue to read daily and practise you times tables! Below are some more fun ideas you may like to try. Use it like a BINGO card and try to complete a row, a column, or just as many as you can :)




Another activity you may like to try is making a lovely Easter garden for a competition set by those at Wells Cathedral. Please find more information below.



Stay safe and best wishes,

Miss Rogers :)

World Book Day!

First School Yr4 Pilgrim Day

Sedgemoor Schools Biathlon 2020

10  Year 3 and 4 children from Woodpecker and Kestrel Class did an amazing job of representing Mark First School at the Sedgemoor Schools Biathlon on Sunday morning. They had to run 500m followed by a 50m swim. All of the children put in a great effort with running and swimming and more importantly were very supportive of each other! There were lots of smiles all day - we are very proud of you all! Bethany put in an amazing performance in the run, finishing as the 1st year 3 girl, and Dougie also had a very impressive swim. Overall, Mark ended up finishing 3rd overall!

Year 3 had a very exciting violin lesson learning to play Mamma Mia!

Surprise visit from a DRAGON!

Parade Dragons!

ELECTRICITY! The children loved making electrical circuits this week and seeing if they could get the light bulb to switch on :)

Chinese New Year WOW Day

The children had a wonderful time enjoying some winter sun on Tuesday afternoon in the outdoor classroom! They discovered a mysterious dragon egg and used what they could find around them to build a nest to protect the egg and keep it safe!

Christmas Performance - A Midwife Crisis

Mark First School Nativity


Mark First School put on a nativity called ‘A Midwife Crisis’ on the 11th December 2019 in Mark Church.


It all started when the Midwife and Steve the donkey were at home relaxing, suddenly the Midwife had a text message, she read it and at that moment she realised that a baby needed her.


Molly told us about the beginning of the play, "Once there was a very busy very important midwife, she was the best midwife from Nazareth to Bethlehem. She had delivered all sorts of important babies and some who were not so important, but they had one thing in common they all needed her.”


As quick as a flash, they hurried to a town called Nazareth. Caesar had ordered a census to happen, the villagers were squeezed and squashed until they found census takers. The census takers were no help. The Midwife was worried about the birth. Soon she decided to knock on a door. The Inn was called The Welcome Inn, but there was no room.


In the end the midwife found the baby king had been born in a stable, his name was Jesus.  All along she thought he needed her, but it turned out that she needed him.


Reported by Molly and Olivia F

Violin Practice(Year 3)

Interfaith Week - A day at Mark Church

Please see our Class Leaflet for the Autumn term outlining all the exciting things we'll be learning about.

Take a look at our rainforest dioramas

Useful Information


Spellings are handed out on a Friday and are tested the following Friday. The spellings are based on the work we are doing in class in Letters and Sounds and on Year 3 and 4 Common Exception words. We will be doing  activities every morning to help you practice your spellings, so please bring your spelling books in every day.


Please bring in your reading book and reading diary into school every day. Try and read to an adult every day at home for 10 to 15 minutes, those children who read four or more times each week will be awarded with a certificate.


Homework is given out on a termly basis. Homework tasks will be varied and fun! You can choose which tasks you would like to complete and bring them in to share with the rest of the class. Spare copies will also be available in the classroom. Parents - if you're able to spend some time helping the children on their homework, that would be fantastic.


Our PE lessons this year will take place on Wednesday afternoons every week. For our Year 4 Woodpeckers, Swimming lessons will occur every Thursday afternoon. Our outdoor classroom slot will alternate every other Friday morning. Please ensure your child has their labelled PE, Outdoor Classroom and Swimming kits in school on these days.


I would be very grateful to any helpers who would like to come in on a regular basis to hear readers as this has a huge impact on our young readers. The children will also be busy practising their times tables with our ’77 Club’ so if anyone is free for period of time it would be amazing. If you would like to volunteer to help us, please pop in and speak to me or a member of the office team.



Thank you 


Miss Rogers

Woodpecker Class Teacher



WOW Day - Friday 6th September

On our WOW day, the children in Woodpecker class created some beautiful artwork with charcoal to draw shapes and markings that represented the sounds of the rainforest, as well as a mixture mediums of their choice to create patterns seen on rainforest animals. They also have lots of fun tasting a variety of different food that comes from the rainforest.