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Woodpecker Class

Environmental Day - the Woodpeckers thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Burnham beach. They spotted birds with their binoculars, drew observational sketches, learnt about the life cycle of rocks, collected mud samples, turned it into paint and created their own paintings of the birds they saw. What an incredible opportunity to work alongside a geologist and an artist!

Planting trees!

Science: Investigating magnetic materials

Music: We learnt to play the notes in a scale and learnt what an octave is. We played ascending and descending scales and our friends had to work out which note we missed out!

During our recycling workshop today, Gary taught us all about how to recycle, the importance of recycling and what happens to the rubbish that we put into our big wheelie bins. He then showed us a range of products that are created in other countries where they reuse waste to make items such as clipboards, bags, footballs and wallets.

Homework Menu: The Amazing Rainforest

Year 4 Residential - Parent information evening slides

Wow! Woodpeckers, you are incredible! These children have worked so hard this week and last, designing, producing and selling their products. Tomorrow, they will calculate the profit they have made. Well done Woodpeckers!

Enterprise 2023: So far this week, the children have worked in business teams to carry out an advertising task, a market research task and have started to design their final products. They will be ordering the materials needed, stating their maximum budget, in order to make quality handmade products to sell on Tuesday afternoon. Well done Woodpeckers!

Music: We have been learning about the different instruments of the orchestra. Mrs Smyth played us her clarinet, we have listened to our own song requests played on the cello, viola and violin and some of us even got to have a turn. We have all really enjoyed playing the hand pan. Our sketches of instruments are on display in our classroom.

Art: In art, as p[art of our 'Where My Wellies Take Me' topic, we have sketched our main school building. Here are some of our sketches.

Drama: To help develop our speaking, listening and communication skills and to inspire our writing, we took part in some drama activities. We were acting as the children who peered through the window of the 'Crooked Man's' house.

English: Our second 'Welly Walk' took us on a very chilly journey! We were looking for patterns and textures in our environment and gathered some materials that we will use to create artwork in our sketchbooks.

During our 'Space Day', we became engineers and built our own rockets. The whole school then watched as we launched them from the field. We also had the chance to ask questions and learn more about space.

Our second visitor in STEM week told us how she uses Maths in her role as a nurse. We learnt how to measure liquids, dissolve solids and did a lot of calculating to work out the amount of millilitres needed to cure a child with ear ache. It was great fun and taught us how important Maths is for our future lives and careers.

In STEM week, we met an accountant who told us all about how she uses Maths in her job. We had a go at looking at the accounts for a client and working out if they made a profit or a loss.

During Inter Faith week, Revered Chris told us all about the special clothes that she wears in her role. She explained that she does not wear special clothes because she is special but because she has a very special job. We can't wait to show her the stole that we have designed.

We have been busy designing a stole for Reverend Chris. We can't wait to share our final design soon!

We thoroughly enjoyed the Indian Dance workshop that we took part in during our Inter Faith week. We wore beautiful Indian clothes and danced to the music with huge smiles on our faces. Mrs Smyth and Mrs Skeen even dressed up!

In our reflection area in our classroom, we can draw patterns in the sand using our hands and pebbles. Here is a Hindu Rangoli pattern that was created recently.

We are so proud of our sketches in response to the illustrations in 'Tell me a Dragon' by Jackie Morris. We are going to add some colour using water colour paints soon

We set up mini worlds in Science and then observed what happened after three days. The water had evaporated and turned into a gas. We could see condensation on the cling film and observed how the water droplets fell as rain when the temperature cooled. We realised that we had made our own mini water cycles!

We will remember them!

Today, we learnt about the legend of The Green Man. We listened to a story about him in the outdoor classroom then made natural sculptures. They are going to live in the outdoor classroom to keep the creatures and visiting children safe.

History: Following our lesson on the legend of Kelpies originating from Scotland, we learnt about the legend of King Arthur. Here are some photos of our models showing the sword in the stone.

Music: In the outdoor classroom, we made musical instruments and played them to perform our own rhythms. We composed our own rhythm grids using four beats in each bar.

Science: We collected a range of objects from the outdoor classroom and started to sort them according to our own criteria. Some groups sorted them according to their colour, texture, size and others sorted them according to the type of material the objects were made from.

Breaking News: Children in the Woodpecker class discovered some unique looking eggs in the outdoor classroom during their Science lesson. We are not certain where they came from. Have you seen anything that might link with our discovery?

Autumn Term Homework Menu: Myths and Legends