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Enterprise Fayre 2022




We are setting up a selection of stalls to sell handmade products on Friday 15th July 2022. If you would like to come, meet in the year 4 classroom and the quiet zone at 2pm.


The products will be priced at sensible value. 


We would be very happy if you could come.


Best wishes,


The Woodpecker Class



Health Week 2022 - The children have enjoyed some gardening time to focus on our mental health this week. The pots and planters around school take a lot of looking after, but the children are doing a great job. We also really enjoyed our mindfulness art workshop and can't wait to see the whole school's piece of artwork.

French Café - The children really enjoyed ordering their snacks in French and paying with euros. The games and lessons planned by the children from Hugh Sexey Middle School were great fun!

Poetry Slam 2022 - the children that took part were all incredible. Here are the two finalists from our class.

Science: Dissection of a flower. Today we were amazed to learn how flowers reproduce. We learnt the names of the parts of a flower by dissecting a tulip.

Our second stop, following in the footsteps of Phileas Fogg, was Paris, France. We learnt about the human features of the city including the art galleries and museums. We learnt about the French artist, Henri Matisse, and explored his paper cutting techniques which he described as 'painting with scissors'.

Our first stop on our 'Around the World in 80 Days' journey, was London. We learnt about the key physical and human features of the city and also learnt about Paul Kenton, London artist. Here are our prints of the London skyline reflecting in the River Thames.

Egyptian Death Masks - We have created Egyptian Death Masks in Design and Technology. We are extremely proud of our work.

Netball Festival 2022 - Well done to our incredible team. You certainly did us proud!


Storm Eunice school closure work plans for Woodpecker class

In English this week, we have been planning and holding class debates. One of our debates was: 'Children should be expected to do household chores.' I'm sure everyone will be pleased to know, that our final vote ended up in agreement with the proposed statement. The children have enjoyed learning new vocabulary to support our speaking and communication skills.

Steve Manning, incredible storyteller, visited our classroom to tell us about the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb.

Pyramid building in the outdoor classroom

Woodpecker Curriculum Leaflet: The Ancient Egyptians

Homework Menu: The Ancient Egyptians

Interfaith Week: Hindu rangoli patterns

Interfaith Week: Creating Jewish paper cuttings

In History, we developed our measuring skills as we weighed out the rationed food allowances for a week. We were surprised how little food people were allowed to buy during the war.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.

Computing: We have been using 2code on Purple Mash to write algorithms and debug and correct mistakes.

Look out for a 'Book Talk' flyer appearing in your child's book bag over the next few weeks. We are developing our speaking, listening and communication skills by talking about our favourite books that we have really enjoyed reading. We also want to share the love for a good book!

Our first 'Book Talk' presentations took place today! Have you read these books?

In Science, we have been exploring how sounds are made and how they travel. Hitting a drum with rice on the skin was very fun and we could see the vibrations. In the outdoor classroom, we created a sound map. We listened to the sounds in our environment and drew arrows to show the direction and the distance that they had travelled.

In music, we have been learning how to read music notation. We are looking forward to creating our own compositions after half term.

National Grid Workshop - we had amazing fun learning about the new pylons, sources of energy and making our electic circuit buzzer games! We can now tell you all about insulators and conductors.

We have been learning about the story of Noah in R.E and we made rafts in the outdoor classroom to keep animals safe from the flood.

Where in the World? If you go on a day trip, or away on holiday, why not pick up a post card and post it to school? We are adding all our class post cards to our world map.

Texture Tiles - Exploring made and natural textures in art

Get your Sumdog Passwords ready for the

Somerset competition starting 25th March 2022!