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Welcome to Mark Pre-School

Mark Pre-School is proud to use Tapestry in the setting. Tapestry is a vibrant and interactive online journal, recording and sharing all the learning and special moments of children’s early years education with parents. Tapestry is safe and secure as well as GDPR-compliant, plus simple to use. Unlike paper journals, parents and carers can see their child’s progress and special moments as soon as they happen. Parents and carers can also add their own observations.



We would love to see what you are getting up to at home, please use our online learning journal TAPESTRY to add pictures of the fun things you are doing. This also allows us to make links to the children’s development.


Have fun together learning through play:

  • Colouring, cutting and sticking, play dough, drawing, singing and rhyming, cooking and cleaning.
  • Gardening, outdoor play, Yoga and keep fit.
  • Sharing stories, Screen time, construction toys and puzzles.
  • Small World Play – farms, dolls house, garage and dinosaurs.




Summer Term

Focus Book


W/C 20th April – Christopher Nibbles


W/C 27th April - Sam Plants a Sunflower


W/C 11 May - The Very Hungry Caterpillar


W/C 1 June - One World - Our Chance to save the Planet

by Michael Foreman


Useful Links



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Twinkl -


Twinkl has a variety of resources that are suitable for EYFS, to use the resources you will need to sign up for an account and enter the offer code CVDTWINKLHELPS in order to access these resources for free. 


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