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In the event of severe weather

School and Pre-school will only close if absolutely necessary to do so.

Examples of why the school would close:

  • If insufficient numbers of staff (unable to travel safely to school) therefore unable to provide adequate supervision.
  • If the MET office forecast indicates a serious deterioration in weather conditions during the day.
  • If conditions on the school site are too hazardous for staff and children.
  • The decision to close would be taken by the headteacher or one of her senior colleagues.

Parents/Carers would be notified by:

1. A message on the school website by or shortly after 07:00 and would be updated, as far as possible during the day.

2. An email would be sent to those parents/carers who are registered on ParentPay.

3. Broadcasts on the following radio stations:

BBC Somerset - 95.5FM and 1566MHz

Heart FM - 102.6FM, 96.5 (Taunton area)

BBC Bristol - 94.9FM

Please note that the office telephone may not be manned regularly during a closure so please refer to the school's website in the first instance.

Further school closure details can be viewed on the Somerset County's website: