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We are fortunate to have won the Barbara Agutter Award for RE for the second time. This is wonderful news! Mrs Earthy entered the work of last year’s Woodpecker Class into the SACRE (Standing Advisory Council for RE) competition. The work centred on modern versions of the story of ‘The Good Samaritan’. The award, which is a beautiful banner, was first established in recognition of the service Barbara Agutter gave to RE teaching in Somerset. Mr Mike Tedstone from the Diocese of Bath and Wells came to present the award to the whole school. He talked to the children about the importance of making a difference to others, even with something like a smile, greeting or helping hand. We feel proud and honoured to have received this award. You can see the banner and children’s work on display in the hall. Do take a look. Many thanks to Mrs Earthy for inspiring the children’s learning and for entering their thoughtful work.