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This is our class page  where you will be able to find news and information about what we are learning, as well as photographs.


There will also be links to subject related games and websites as the year progresses.


The most recent work will be at the top of this page but remember to scroll down to see updates from earlier in the year.


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Broadcasting Live on Radio Day

Building and Coding our Wedo Lego Models

Kestrel Class have been using Kodu Game Lab to create a virtual world.  The children then programmed a robot to respond to specific instructions.

To download the free Kodu Software use this link:



Please scroll down to see information, photos and work for the Spring Term 2016.

Running the Sport Relief Mile

We are working hard to make Roman Bullas... We have started by cutting out the pattern pieces and fabric.

Trip to the Roman Baths

WORLD BOOK DAY - Can you guess who we were all dressed as? (answers in the photo's caption)

As part of our topic of The Romans, we have learnt about what life was like in England before the Romans invaded. We learnt about the Celts, the jobs they did and the round houses in which they lived.

Our finished Roman Busts. They look brilliant - well done Kestrels!

We have really enjoyed learning about forces. To finish our topic, we carried out some magnet investigations.

Our science topic is Forces - we have enjoyed using compasses in the outdoor area and are doing lots of investigations with magnets.

In Literacy, we have begun the term with a unit on poetry. We looked at narrative poems and had lots of fun learning, writing our own and performing these poems. To finish the unit we wrote a poem about our own class, in a similar style to Story Time by Pie Corbett. We thought about qualities that our talk partner has and things they were good at and then worked together as a whole class to write a poem that we all liked.


Helpfully, Jonathan thinks of others.

Funnily, Daisy makes us laugh,

Joyfully, Wills plays sports.

Happily, Anika plays the violin.

Kindly, Ivor looks after others.

Happily, Layla works hard.

Sportily, Oli wins triathlons.

Neatly, Indah presents her work.

Tunefully, Darcy sings a solo,

Supportingly, Josh helps us.

Happily, Matilda does her work.

Interestingly, Noah sketches everything.

Cheerfully, Aiden plays the trumpet.

Quietly, Katie draws days and night.

Joyfully, Ryli always smiles,

Kindly, Amelia plays with her friends.

Cheekily, Matthew giggles.

Cleverly, Max knows a lot of facts.

Gracefully, Grace does gymnastics.

Funnily, Emmie makes everyone laugh.

Independently, Sonny has beautiful handwriting.

Carefully, Annabelle corrects her work.

Perfectly, Ruby sits silently,

Kindly, Elise plays with everyone.

Awesomely, Ellie does back flips.

Fantastically, Faith is a friend to all.

Kindly, Mrs Mason helps us.

Happily, Mrs Skeen is helping children.

Marvellously, Miss Bryant teaches us.

Learning and performing 'The Adventures of Isabel' by Ogden Nash.

Our topic this term is The Romans. We enjoyed learning and acting out the myth of how Rome was created by the twins Romulus and Remus.

Please scroll down to see information, photos and work for the Autumn Term 2015.

We have had a very busy end of term in Kestrels.

We have started looking at our new literacy topic of poetry and wrote some of our own Christmas shape poems.

We have also completed our Chocolate topic - the children really enjoyed researching, designing, making and evaluating their chocolate bars! Have a look at some of our pictures below.

We really enjoyed taking part in the Nativity - don't forget to have a look at the pictures available on the website.

Have a happy Christmas holiday :)

End of term Christmas party....and a special visitor!

Our finished chocolate bars

In Literacy we have been learning our new story type - a traditional tale called Aladdin.

As well as putting actions to the story, we have also been working together to create powerful descriptions for the settings in our story. 

Our powerful words are coming across brilliantly in our writing.....

"she lived in an elegant, black shiny palace" Grace

"who lived in a royal palace made out of gold and emerald" Oli

"he took one look and it was pitch black" Annabelle

"Aladdin went to the haunted, black and dark cave" Aiden

"the magician took him to a gloomy, foggy mountain" Matilda

"the evil wizard dragged Aladdin in to the terrifyingly dark cave" Wills

"they went to the epic rocky mountain" Ellie

Have a look at some of our pictures below.

Powerful Description in Aladdin (wb 9th November)

We have really enjoyed listening to all of our Poetry Slam contestants over the past two weeks.

Kestrels' finalist was Noah - you can listen to his poem, Football Frenzy, in full on the gallery section of the website.

Taste Testing! Which ingredients would we like in our chocolate bars? (wb 9th November)

This week (wb 2nd November) we have been thinking about different materials and how we can group them according to their state - solids, liquids or gases.

In our first week back (wb 2nd November) we have started learning our new story structure - a wishing tale. We have learnt a version of the traditional tale Aladdin, and had lots of fun acting out 'The Magic Porridge Pot' and 'A Squash and A Squeeze'!

It has been a busy end of term for Kestrels.

We have been learning about analogue and digital time, writing our newspaper articles, painting our Aztec wall hangings, building our skills in netball and learning how to keep our teeth healthy!

Have a look at some of our photos below.

Have a happy and safe half term holiday :)

Learning How to Tell the Time

Our Aztec Wall Hangings

Online Safety Poster

We have carried on our Aztec topic in the Outdoor Classroom this week (wb 5th October 2015) by studying and drawing our own Aztec animals. Our pictures are full of detail and look fabulous!

Investigating lollystick squares - what do you notice about the pattern? wb 5th October 2015

It has been another busy week in Kestrels (wb 28th September).
We have started learning our new literacy text - a newspaper article about Philae Lander. Have a look at some of the pictures below to see our excellent retelling with actions.
We have also met Frank the Frog, who has taught us a new method of subtraction by counting up to find the difference.

As well as that, we have looked at foods from Mexico, acted out the Christian miracle of Jesus walking on water and have made great progress with playing our brass instruments!

Looking forward to another exciting week next week :)

Retelling our Philae Lander text - wb 28th September

Aztec Patterns! This week (wb 21st September) we have started designing our own Aztec patterns. We looked at lots of examples and talked about the shapes and colours. Look out for these coming to a wall near you very soon.....!

Also this week (wb 14th September 2015) we had our first chance to play the brass instruments we are learning! Some of us have trumpets and some of us have trombones. Miss Bryant was very impressed with how quickly we were all able to make some noise!

This week (wb 14th September 2015) we visited the outdoor classroom for a chance to make our own, natural versions of George's Marvellous Medicine! We listened to part of the story, written by Roald Dahl, and then drew and described our medicines.

Also this week, we have started learning our Charlie & the Chocolate Factory text. We have been retelling the story with actions. The book is written by Roald Dahl, who is our class author of the term.

This week we had our first visit to the Outdoor Classroom. We thought about the interesting things we could see, smell and hear and talked about how the area had changed since the summer.

This week we have been thinking about what we already know about our bodies. We had fun drawing around each other and labelling body parts!