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This is our class page and it is where you can find information, pictures, videos and website links about what Kestrel class have been doing and learning about during the week.


The most recent pictures and updates will be at the top of the page but feel free to scroll down to have a look at earlier posts in the year smiley

Online Safety:


During home learning, the children may use computing more than usual and it is really important for us to stay safe online. Also, we must remember to balance the children's screen time. If you need any information on your child's screen time, then please check our online safety tab and it will have lots of documents for you to explore. 


You could also explore these documents which explore a 'Healthy Me' diary and a computing home learning document.

Please always remember:

First School Y4 Pilgrim Day

The Day the Dragons came to School

Rainforest Fundraiser

Fantastic Rainforest Sale!


On the 18th of December 2019, Kestrel Class at Mark First School set up a rainforest sale and we invited the whole school to buy our products. The sale started at three O-clock.

Avery told us, “My school class held a rainforest sale, we sold mugs, bookmarks, book creatures, cookies and cakes.  There was also face painting and a raffle. The next day we did the raffle, the headteacher pulled out a ticket and she said my name, I won a big box with something in it, it was the most delicious frog with weed icing, a big huge enormous frog cake.

I got face painted into a monkey face because I wanted to be a cheeky monkey!”

 Fantastic Rainforest Fundraiser 

Ayla explained, ”We made mugs with animals on them, we didn't get time to bake them, so we had to bake them at home to set the picture.  We sold mugs, bags, bookmarks, bracelets, cakes, biscuits, and Miss LaCroix painted our faces.”

The fantastic rainforest animal adoption

Logan announced, “A sloth, jaguar, red panda, orang-utan and an elephant are the amazing animals we adopted with the £250 we made at the animal sale.

Miss Lacroix said, “We held an amazing sale and I am surprised that we sold as many things as we did.”

Fantastic forest fundraiser

Isla said, “In our lovely rainforest sale we did really well and lots of people liked the mugs and making rainforest magazines to put on our website.”


Reported by Euan, Avery, Ayla, Logan G and Isla G


Christmas Performance - 'A Midwife Crisis'

Don't forget to use your log-ins to play these fantastic games and test your number knowledge at the same time!
Violin Practice(Year 3)

General Information


Spellings are handed out on a Friday and are tested the following Friday. The spellings are based on the work we are doing in class in Letters and Sounds and on Year 3 and 4 Common Exception words. If you lose your spellings, there will be spare copies in the classroom for you to take.


Children, please bring in your reading book and reading diary into school every day. Try and read to an adult every day at home for 10 to 15 minutes, those children who read four or more times each week will be awarded with a certificate.


Homework is given out on a termly basis. Homework tasks will be varied and you may choose which tasks you would like to complete. Spare copies will also be available in the classroom. Parents - if you're able to spend some time helping the children on their homework, that would be fantastic.


Our PE lessons this year will take place on Wednesday afternoons every week. For our Year 4 Kestrels, Swimming lessons will occur every Thursday afternoon. Our outdoor classroom slot will alternate every other Friday morning. Please ensure your child has their labelled PE, Outdoor Classroom and Swimming kits in school on these days.


I would be very grateful to any helpers who would like to come in on a regular basis to hear readers as this has a huge impact on our young readers. The children will also be busy practising their times tables with our ’77 Club’ so if anyone is free for period of time it would be amazing. If you would like to volunteer to help us, please pop in and speak to me or a member of the office team.


Children, try and remember to bring in a water bottle and please remember to name your water bottle. Drinking water helps your brain to function better!


Thank you 


Miss La Croix

Kestrel Class Teacher