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This is our class page and it is where you can find information, pictures, videos and website links about what Heron class have been doing and learning about during the week.

The most recent pictures and updates will be at the top of the page but feel free to scroll down to have a look at earlier posts in the year.




Abraham: The Wonderful Promise

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The children have been very busy already this week after taking part in our assembly on Monday morning and then learning an important story from the Bible about Abraham called 'The wonderful Promise'. Look out for our wonderful stories and illustrations of the story coming soon, these will be displayed in Heron classroom and in the hall. Well done Herons!

Here we are using our chopping and peeling skills to create a yummy fruit kebab during Health Week!

The children became architects as they designed a home for a fairy or an elf.....and quite fussy they were too! The fairy and elves requested that there must be a path up to their home, it needed to have the most comfortable bed and they also wanted a fireplace! I think the children did a fantastic job meeting these requirements!

Our tadpoles are gradually growing into frogs! Here is our first baby frog, Mr Ribbet. We released him into the school pond where he could happily hop all day long!

After creating amazing train carriages for their endangered animals, the children have been learning all about chassis, axles and wheels in order to make their carriage move. Here the children tested different types of wheels and axles made from a variety of materials to help them decide which they could use for their own axles.

In our Science lesson this week, we have been exploring different materials. The children were challenged to sort lots of different materials into categories of their own choosing.

We have been looking at the work of artist Wassily Kandinsky and the children had a go at creating their own concentric circles. Don't they look fabulous!

In our Outdoor Classroom session this week, the children were challenged to create a bird feeder using oranges, string and mixed nuts and seeds. We had great fun and they proved to be popular with the birds too!

Herons had a fantastic time on Friday investigating how many lines of symmetry they could find in 2D shapes, they didn't want the lesson to end!

World Book Day in Herons Class


As part of our topic on Water and Growing, the children have been learning about the life of Charles Darwin. Our drama lesson today helped us to retell some of the story we had learnt so far.

The children acted out the Water Cycle story to help them remember what happened to our friend H2O.

Continuing on from our session in the Outdoor Classroom, the children began to create their own Andy Goldsworthy pebble spiral paintings. Don't they look fantastic!

We have been learning all about the artist Andy Goldsworthy as part of our topic on Water and Growing. Andy Goldsworthy only uses natural resources in his artwork so the children were challenged to only use leaves and twigs to recreate some of Goldsworthy's famous spirals in the Outdoor Classroom.

We were very lucky to have some visitors come into our school and work with us on creating Music using body percussion and other instruments.

Meet Snargle, our mystery package! She is a Somerset Ridge-back dragon and the children have been taking very good care of her.

What on earth?! A strange mystery box arrived in our classroom this morning with no note as to what could be inside it.... The children are on the case looking for any clues to help us work out what might be inside!

The children have loved using their 'Grammar Goggles and Spelling Specs' when in their Learning Detective groups!

Welcome back and a very Happy New Year to you all. Please find attached below the Spring Overview which details what the children will be learning about this term.

What an amazing surprise we had!! Happy Christmas!

Here we are acting out the story ready for the assembly. The children did so well at remembering their lines, I was very proud of them.

We then painted our Diyas using bright colours.

During Interfaith Week, Herons have been learning all about Sikhism and in particular, about the story of Guru Hargobind. Here we are busy creating our very own clay diyas. The children used a variety of tools to shape thier diya lamps and to create patterns.

Healthy Pizzas! The children loved making their healthy pizzas. They followed the design brief and used their designs to make their wonderfully healthy creation! Well done Herons, I hope you enjoyed eating them all!

As part of our topic 'Me and My World', in Science the children have been learning about what it means to have a healthy and balanced diet. We sorted food items into the 5 main categories (Fatty and sugary food, carbohydrates, fruit and vegetables, dairy and protein) which proved quite a challenge as the children began to realise that some food and drink belonged to several of the categories. A great Science investigation Herons!

To help us tell the time in Maths, we became the clock! We moved around the clock pointing to the time Mrs Oughton asked us to set.

We have made our own Florence Nightingale inspired lanterns. We painted or collaged the candle flame, then followed instructions for how to make the black lantern. Pop into the classroom to see them hanging up!, they look brilliant

The children had lots of fun inventing their own 'Nonsense Botany' in the Outdoor Classroom!

Online Safety Poster

In Maths, Heron Class have been busy learning their number bonds to 10 and 20 as well as looking at balancing sums. Here we are using pom poms to help us with our Maths.

As part of our topic on 'Me and My World', the children have been learning all about the famous nurse Florence Nightingale in History. We thought about her journey from England to Scutari and what the hospital conditions were like when she arrived there. It looks as though we have some very seasick Herons!!

In Science we have been thinking about our 5 senses and why they are important. Here we put our senses of taste and smell to the test! We found it a little tricky without our sense of sight to help us. Here we are!!

In Art, Herons have enjoyed painting their favourite part of the story How to Hide a Lion.

We love using Heron Hospital as part of our Maths work!

We have been busy creating our bodies using twigs, leaves, grass and any other things we could find in the Outdoor Classroom as part of our topic on 'Me and My World'.

Meet Harold the heron!! Harold is our class mascot and each Friday I will be choosing a child to take Harold home with them for the weekend. I'm sure we will all be very excited to listen to what adventures Harold has been up to over the weekend!

I have been very excited to welcome my new Herons and have enjoyed getting to know the children over the past week. We have been starting off by looking at the fabulous story How to Hide a Lion by Helen Stephens in English and we are also talking about class rules and how we can be independent learners.


Our topic this term is 'Me and My World'. The Curriculum leaflet is attached below for more information.   If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to come in and see me. 


Thank you to everyone who is helping their child to learn how to do up their top button, tie their tie and shoe laces! It has been great to see some children helping others to do this too! These things really help us when changing for PE and the Outdoor Classroom in particular. This term we will be having PE on Wednesdays and the Outdoor Classroom on Thursdays so please ensure your child has their PE and Outdoor Classroom kit in school on these days.


Thank you.


General Information

Spellings are handed out on a Friday and are tested the following Friday. The spellings are based on the work we are doing in class in Letters and Sounds and on high frequency words. If you lose your spellings, there will be spare copies on the Parent's Notice Board in the cloakroom for you to take.


Children, please bring in your reading book every day. Try and read to an adult every day at home for 10 to 15 minutes. 

I would be very grateful to any helpers who would like to come in on a regular basis to hear readers and as this has a huge impact on our young readers. If you would like to volunteer to do this, please pop in and speak to me or Mrs Hague at the office.


Homework is given out on Thursdays and I ask for it to be handed in by the following Wednesday.

Spare copies will also be available on the Parent's Board. Parents - if you're able to spend 20-30 minutes with the children on their homework, that would be fantastic.


Children, try and remember to bring in a water bottle and please remember to name the water bottle. Drinking water helps your brain to function better!