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The Local Governing Body

I hope the following information serves as an insight into the role and composition of our local governing body, here at Mark CE First and Pre-School Academy. As governors we are committed to working in partnership with the Headteacher, pupils, parents and community to provide a safe, happy, caring and stimulating environment for our children to learn in. Our playing fields, forest school and the canopy area extend the opportunities for development and learning directly with the world around us.


The past year has seen a consolidation of the Wessex Learning Trust with a focus on the sharing of good practice across the Trust particularly in how Mathematics is taught. Subject leaders and heads visited other schools observing lessons and being a critical friend. Due to the success of these visits the emphasis on shared development for our teachers is to continue this year.  Our focus will continue on raising standards and ensuring the best outcomes for our children, whilst planning for the continued sustainability of the school for generations to come.


The governing body's main duties are

  • Agree and set the strategic direction of the school together with it's policies and objectives including keeping our children safe and well.
  • Agree and approve the Academy Improvement Plan and monitor its impact across the school on pupil progress and attainment
  • Monitoring the school's budget throughout the year against the school's aims and objectives whilst ensuring best value and transparency
  • Challenge and support the Headteacher


Helen Tanswell

Chair of Governors



Composition of the Governing Body


A reconstitution of the governing body took place on 1st November 2016 on conversion to an academy. It is made up of up to 10 governors. Each governor serves a term of office of 4 years apart from the Headteacher. All governors have voting rights.


Mrs Helen Tanswell Community 24/09/15 - 23/09/19 Local Governing Body

Chair of Local Governing Body; Safeguarding; Literacy;  R.E & PSHE

Mrs Lorraine Clarke Community 24/09/15 - 23/09/19 Local Governing Body

Vice Chair of Local Governing Body;  Safeguarding (deputy); SEND/Pupil Premium, Early Years

Mr Paul Impey Community 15/06/16 - 14/06/20 Local Governing Body

Numeracy; ICT; Governor zone maintenance of website

Mrs Anna Yates Headteacher 1/09/10 onwards    
Mrs Jo Collyer

Staff Governor

14/11/16 - 13/11/20
Local Governing Body

Pupil Premium, SEND & Assessment

Deputy Designated Safeguarding lead (DDSL)

Vacancy Foundation   Diocesan Board of Education  
Vacancy Foundation   Diocesan Board of Education  
Vacancy Community      
Vacancy Parent Governor      
Vacancy Parent Governor      


The following governors were in office as at 1-9-16 but either resigned their position or had their term of office expire during the period to 31-10-17

Governor Name Commencement of period of office Date of termination of office Pecuniary interests
Mr Jeffery Fear  
31/08/17 End of term
Mrs Karen Moncrieff  
03/07/17 Resigned
Mrs Debra Loney  
31/08/17 Resigned
Mrs Kirsten Smyth 16/09/14 Maternity leave from 1/9/17 112 First Aid Training - father's company
Mr Richard Gray 30/01/17 31/12/17 Resigned  
Mrs Deborah Palfrey 25/09/17 09/07/18 Resigned  
Mr Mike Tanswell 05/03/18 (specifically to manage interaction with Cricket Club regarding land purchase) 17/09/18 Resigned   



The Chair of Governors can be contacted via the school office


All members of the governing body have a statutory duty to disclose any business or personal interests that may affect their position or work as a governor. 

Mrs Helen Tanswell NONE NONE
Mrs Lorraine Clarke Children at the school NONE
Mr Paul Impey NONE NONE
Mrs Anna Yates NONE NONE
Mrs Jo Collyer NONE NONE


The full governing body delegate powers and responsibilities to a number of sub committees with a particular focus and terms of reference. 
Appeals & Complaints Committees

All Governors


The following data confirms the attendance of individual governors at full governing body and sub committee meetings during the period 25/09/17 to 9/07/18

Governor Local Governing Body Finance & HR Standards
Helen Tanswell 100% 100% 100%
Lorraine Clarke 100%   100%
Anna Yates 100% 100% 100%
Jo Collyer 100%   100%
Paul Impey 66% 100%  
Richie Grey 100%   0%
Deborah Palfrey 43% 100%  
Mike Tanswell 50%    


Please click on the document below to meet and find out more about the governing body

All policies can be viewed on the school website or copies obtained via the school office free of charge. Minutes of Local Governing Body meetings may be viewed on request via the school office once they have been approved and signed.