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Digital Leaders 2021 - 2022

Our Digital Leaders did a fantastic job at reminding grown ups at home the importance of keeping our personal information safe when we shared our Nativity before Christmas.


They are now in the process of preparing a presentation for the rest of the children in school to share on 'Safer Internet Day' in February. 

2020 - 2021 Academic year

Our New Digital Leaders

Hello. We are the digital leaders from Mark First Academy.  Our role is to teach the children in our school how to stay safe when using devices such as computers, phones, tablets, tvs, laptops and games consoles. 
Our most important job is to help keep the children in our school safe when they are using the internet. 


Welcome to our new Digital Leaders for 2020 - 2021. They have already given some good advice for keeping children safe on our Nativity Video and they're looking forward to helping with Safer Internet Day.

Safer Internet Day 2021

Well done Digital Leaders!  We enjoyed learning about checking information online and learned three ways to be a detective. First, ask someone you know.  Next, use what you know and finally check another website to see if it says the same information.  Be a detective to find out fact from fiction and keep your personal information safe! smiley



Stay Safe,

Don't Meet Strangers,

Ask before opening links,

Check if Information is Reliable,

Tell an adult if something happens that worries you.

2019 -2020 Academic Year
Safer Internet Day
Hot news from the Parish Magazine! 


On Tuesday 11th February 2020, Mark First School held an Internet Safety Day and had an assembly with a guest called Julia from the Somerset Technology Team. She had a big message about not sharing your personal information, but still having fun online. We spoke to Isabella, a Year 4 pupil who said, “It was descriptive with lots of information.”  In the class, we thought about what information is safe and share and what needs to stay private.

The next day the digital leaders did their own assembly about our online identity. We interviewed Lewis who said “I learnt that the internet is lots of computers joined together and that you can speak to people all around the world,” 

Let’s create an internet where we are free to be ourselves by being kind and respectful. 


Reported by Dougie (Mark First Academy Digital Leader)

A few of our Digital Leaders on Safer Internet Day

Our new 'Digital Leaders' are Bethany, Eric, Ben, Isabelle, Dougie, Emma, Indie and Ethan.

Our latest Digital Leaders News:

key Stage 2 - SMART Rules

Our 'Click Safe' Message to Key Stage 1

We are in the process of selecting our new Digital Leaders for 2019 - 2020. We are looking forward to receiving the children's applications and starting our wonderful journey.


If you need a copy of the letter and manifesto, please click on the links below:

Digital Leaders 2018

Jude, Dylan, Indie and Ethan W

Digital Leaders 2017

Millie, Felicity, Beau, Jude and Dylan have been nominated to be digital leaders. A digital leader is a person who helps people stay safe online. Here is some advice from them:

The Internet can help us in lots of ways.

We always have an adult we can trust with us when we are on the internet.

Dylan told us, “The internet can be a dangerous because someone can just say what’s your name and where do you live?” But we know how to be safe on the internet, by not telling anyone our personal details, like our name, address, age, and school or phone number. Click Safe!

By Millie!


Internet Safety Day

On the 7th of February the children at Mark First and Pre-school C E Academy took part in an Internet Safety day. They talked about what is safe for children online and what games to play on the internet. A lady called Amy came to the school and taught the children to stay safe when using the internet. Children in all of the classes also learnt about Internet-safety Day with their class teachers.

By Emmie (Digital Leader)