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Welcome to Buzzard Class

Autumn 2016!

Welcome to the Buzzard class web page!

Hopefully each week we will be able to upload some photos or information for you to have a little look at, so you can see how busy we've all been!  

We hope you visit our class page regularly and enjoy looking at all the fun we have!!!


​What a great first week we have had in Buzzard class. The children are learning the new routines and have really impressed us!


​This week, the children enjoyed learning some new songs, including the Days of the Week song to the tune of the Addams family. In Year 1, the children learn to spell the days of the week. The children could try this at home.


Here is a link to a version of this song.









Welcome to all our new Buzzards! We hope you all had a lovely holiday and are ready for life in Year One.

​Our topic is "Toys" and we are looking forward to the exciting learning experiences we have planned. smiley


​Below are a few details about Buzzard class!


​Look out for our topic leaflet which will give you lots of information about the coming term.


​Enjoy the first week back everyone!






Welcome to Buzzards

We're going on a ? hunt! We have been busy learning our new story "We're going on a lion hunt!". We have enjoyed retelling it and even made a sensory scene of the story to play with. We discovered a slug in the compost so renamed it "We're going on a slug hunt!" We have begun to create our own versions of the story. Some of us are hunting for lions, armadillos, cheetahs, wasps tired tortoises, dinosaurs, parrots and kolas!

We decided to go in search of all these animals in our drama lesson. We met Jay, the explorer who told us we had to think of a way to get back home before the animal caught us! We climbed mountains, trudged through swamps, across lakes, skateboarded across rocky roads and went swinging through the vines in the jungle. Eventually, we reached home!
We are now busy creating story maps to explain our adventure and writing stories for our class display. Please pop in when it is finished.






Drama . The Great Escape!

Roll Up! Roll Up!Let's get ready for the circus!!!!

How could we share theze pizzas? Exploring halves and quarters


We went on a school trip to Stourhead Gardens. We pretended it was called "Fairy Tale Valley". We used our senses to explore the different places in the garden and used our imagination to turn them into fairy tale settings! We found Cinderella's palace, the cottage belonging to the Three Bears, Jack's beanstalk, the Troll's bridge and even Rapunzel's tower! We had a lovely time and some children enjoyed a snooze on the way home!

We wrote some lovely recounts of our adventure when we got back to school.


Thank you to everyone who helped with our trip.


A trip to Fairy Tale Valley

World Book Day!

Our topic this spring term is Fairy Tales so we are very exited. Already we have been building castles, making fairy wands and we have received a very beautiful shoe delivered by the Prince's very own Footman. Please find below a topic leaflet as to what kind of things we will be getting up to this term.

The Old Troll Bridge,

Fairy Tale Valley

Wednesday 10th February 2016

Dear Buzzard class,

I hope you are all well and looking forward to the half term holiday. Us trolls don’t have holidays like humans.

Yes, that’s right I am a troll and I live under a bridge in Fairy Tale Valley. Oh, please don’t be scared. I know everyone thinks trolls are scary, nasty creatures but we’re not all like that.

Actually, there are not many trolls left in the world and so being a troll can be very lonely. I would love to have another troll to chat to and have fun with.

In fact, this is why I am writing to you.

I wondered if you could find me a new troll friend? I thought you would be good at finding one for me? This would make me so happy………..

Yours hopefully,

Mr. Troll

P.S The goats are enjoying the meadow. I am very sorry for scaring them. I only wanted to talk to them and then the biggest one threw me in the river… I didn’t have time to explain. 

All About Trolls - to help you with your half term task!

Making bridges for the troll to live under!

Sunrise, sunset and silhouettes!

The Mystery Shoe!

Moving Pictures!

In Design and Technology, we are making Moving Pictures! We have started to investigate making sliders, rotating mechanisms and levers. We are thinking about ways to make parts of a picture move. We might want a character to pop up, hide, turn or slide. We can't wait to make our final pictures!

On Tuesday 24th November it was our keeping safe day. I was so pleased to find that Buzzard Class knew lots about keeping safe and had great ideas on how they could keep themselves and others safe. Here are just some of our ideas....

We went on a shape hunt and look what we found....

We are loving our new story by Julia Donaldson. 'A Squash and a Squeeze!' Oh wise old man won't you help me pleeaasse! My house is a squash and a squeeze!

The week of Guy Fawkes and Fireworks night we had a bonfire and toasted marshmallows! Yummy! We used our senses to describe our experience. We felt the warmth of the fire. We saw the flames dance, flicker, spark and glow. We heard the fire crackle and spit. We could smell the smoke and tasted the delicious sweet soft marshmallows. We all had a lovely time.

Enjoy learning your number pairs to 10 with our funny "Farmer Pete" song!

Poetry Slam

Online Safety Poster

Crime scene investigators taking pictures of the evidence in the hopes of finding Goldilocks!

CCTV footage of Goldilocks in and around Mark School!!!

Still image for this video

Doctors taking care of our poorly teddies!

Measuring and buddies!

Our Reception children met their buddies this week! I am sure they will have lots of fun together and our Year 4 children will enjoy helping them settle in.


Our learning question..........."If I measure this.......what will I found out?"

We have been using a metre stick to find things that are taller and shorter than a metre. We have made new blankets for bears, measuring really carefully. We measured sweets, scoops of porridge, worms,  ourselves and Mrs Hewson. We used cubes, rulers, our hands and metre sticks. Here is a selection of the language the children used in our classroom this week:

"It's's shorter"

"It's taller than a metre"

"They are the same size"

"This one is bigger"

"You have to be fair when you measure"

"The table is longer"

"I am taller than a metre"

"All three are the same size"

"It is 5 blocks long"

"It's wide"

"My snack is wider than Ethan's"

"Ethan's snack is longer than mine"

There was some time for "Show and Tell" today but with so many children itching to share their news there wasn't time for everyone, including Scarlett. Scarlett wanted to share her pizza she had made. We decided a photograph posted on our website would be a great way of "showing". This is Scarlett's pizza. It is made from play dough. It is a broccoli, meat and cheese pizza cut into slices!! Thank you for bringing it in today!

Keep bringing things in to share, children. There isn't always time for everyone on the same day but everyone will get a turn!


Show and Tell

Pablo Picasso


It's sometimes only when you look back on a week that you fully realise just how much the children have done!

This week we have ........

performed our rhyme "Little Boy Blue" with actions, learnt about speech bubbles, investigated the human skeleton (!), spotted signs of early autumn on our school field, written harvest prayers, hunted for coins in the sand, made price labels for the chemist, learnt to add coins, made money men, sung songs about a snail shop (!), played musical instruments, created wacky Picasso inspired faces, found out about Picasso, treated patients in the doctors surgery and covered our hands in shaving foam! The list goes on....

Have a look at the pictures to find out more!


Thank you also to all the parents who came along to the Curriculum Evening. I hope you found it useful.

I have some packs at school for any parents who missed the evening. Do let us know if you would like one.


A reminder that we have an Inset on Monday so pleased come to school on Tuesday ready for the outdoor classroom!

Have a lovely weekend. Mrs Hewson

Performing "Little Boy Blue"


Money activities. We are learning to recognise 1p,2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, and 50p. We are learning to find the correct money to buy things!

We are going on a number hunt! We looked for numbers in our school. Do you know where you might find these numbers?

Finding out about the bones of our body - Our Skeletons!

Getting to know Buzzard class!

Welcome to Buzzard class!

We hope you have had a wonderful Summer and are refreshed and ready for the new term.

We are very excited to welcome our new Buzzards to the class and over the next two weeks we will be getting to know each other and our new surroundings.

We will be exploring the book "You Choose" by Nick Sharratt and Pippa Goodheart.

Please check the website regularly to see what we have been up to!

Mrs Hewson and Miss Whitefield