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We give you a warm welcome to Buzzard class! The team in Buzzard class are really looking forward to our learning journey throughout this year and all the exciting challenges ahead. There are 6 very important things that we believe in Buzzards about your child 1)  We believe in them; 2) They are listened to; 3) They are cared for; 4) They are important; 5) They will succeed; 6) We will have fun!! 😊


Dear Parents and Carers, 


Below is a home learning link - if you click this page it will take you to a variety of activities that have been set, also teaching ideas for home. Please lookout for new activities and games you could try. This is a very hard time for everybody, please keep safe and keep in touch if you need any support or help. 


I am in the learning processes of Purple Mash, so bare with, I will get there. I have set lots of different activities you could try if you would like. You could also take the ideas from there and put them onto paper. Sum dog passwords will be given over the next week. 


See you all soon, 


Miss Wilkinson x

Spring Term

We Will We Will Rock You

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What a fab sing-song we had yesterday morning (20th March). Great choices of songs Buzzards.

Air Guitar

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Super air guitars Buzzards!

Where is the Easter egg?

Sports Relief


WOW! What fantastic costumes Buzzard Class! 

Year 1 Homework Menu

Rocket Reading 


In Buzzard Class we have started a new 'Rocket Reading Challenge'. Your child is able to move through the planets to reach the sun, which is known as HOT READING. To move up a planet your child must read every night of the week and for it to be recorded in reading diaries. Also, there are bonuses if your child does some additional reading of something different to their reading book they will move up a planet, however this must be recorded in their reading diary, e.g Reading packets of food, Reading road signs, Birthday cards, CD boxes in the car. If they reach the sun they are instantly entered into a raffle which is drawn at the end of the half term and they will win a new book. Although, everybody that reaches the sun will get to choose something from the HOT READING basket.

If you have any questions or would like to come and see the Rocket Reading display, please come in and see us.  



Counting objects to 50 using ten frames

Number Bonds to 10 fun

Our Farming Vehicles 


Wow! What super farming vehicles the children made last week. They used wheels and axels to make them moveable. They look super! Well done Buzzard Class - you worked so well in your teams. We discussed the importance of teams and what it means to work in a team. 

Rosie and Rupert 


Wow! We had a lovely visit from Amelie's rabbits, Rosie and Rupert. We discussed what animal class rabbits belonged to and whether they were a herbivore, omnivore or carnivore. Amelie read some of her wonderful rabbit factbook. We had a fantastic time stroking them and brushing them. Thank you Amelie for bringing in your pet rabbits. 

World Life Workshop


What a FANTASTIC workshop we had from 'World Life'! The children were constantly engaged and we got to see so many different animals. We also learnt lots of new facts! Once we looked at all the different animals we created our own animal using our wonderful imaginations. 

We had to make the most of the frosty morning, so we took some of our maths lesson outside!



Linking to our farm topic, we made our own butter by hand and bread. As a class, we discussed where food came from and how it is made and then created some of our own (we really studied all the ingredients and the importance of them). 

Bread and butter making

What a super outdoor learning lesson we had! 


This Thursday we learnt all about God's creations and read a story about this. Then we did some of our own investigating to find some of his wonderful creations.. .BUGS. The children got very muddy and had lots of fun in the process. 

The Enormous Turnip

Character Descriptions


In Buzzards, we made the characters from 'The Enormous Turnip' using collage and then we created descriptions about them as a team. 

We have planted our own turnips to link to our Literacy focus story 'The Enormous Turnip'.

What a 'Turnipicious' soup we made in Buzzard class. We are so impressed that every child atleast tasted it... some had THREE lots. This was an activity to explore the turnip and what it was before reading 'The enormous Turnip'.

Reading instructions


Last Thursday, we used musical instruments to create ocean sounds. We watched a silent clip of fish in the ocean and our task was to create music to go with the video clip. 

Science - Animals Including Humans

Animal Classes

Building Mini Bug Hotels

Enjoying our outside area! We have created our own marble runs, using different resources. Also, we had fun becoming teachers using the whiteboard!

All the children have been working super hard this week identifying what animal classes there are and what makes an animal part of that class. We will be doing lots more work on this throughout this term, however they are already doing such a great job! Really impressed. Well done Buzzards. 

Some SUPER bird fact files!



This week we learnt about internet safety and created some internet safety posters.

We have learnt a new rhyme to help us remember what we need to do when using the internet: 


Before you tap and click...

You need to STOP and THINK...


Autumn Term

Christmas Party Day

What great fun we had baking in Buzzards today! Please look out for our instruction writing next week.

Christingles - To celebrate Advent we made our own Christingles.

In Buzzard class we have made our own Christmas tree. The children had lots of fun creating this. We are in the process of making decorations, please look out for the photo of our finished tree!

Interfaith Week

During Interfaith Week the children explored three different religions: Hinduism, Christianity and Islam. For Hinduism we looked into what the Holi festival was and what it meant, which is why we decorated our t-shirts with colour. The Holi Festival is a time when Hindus throw colour at one another to celebrate the triumph of good over evil. For Islam we read the book 'Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns', which looks at the meaning of colour for Muslims and we did lots of activities in class to celebrate this religion and book. We investigated the importance of colour to Christians and what colours represent in this religion; we made colour crosses in the outdoor classroom and read the story of Joseph and his rainbow coloured dream coat and from this story children wrote about their dreams. 

Some of our fantastic recounts of our trip to Wells Cathedral!

What a fantastic day the children had at Wells Cathedral. We were super busy with being creative and touring around the cathedral. Everyone was fascinated with the clock. To finish we relaxed in an upper level of the Cathedral and looked at the ceiling whilst listening to music. The children were brilliant and so well behaved. Thank you so much to our volunteers and everyone who helped with the trip organising. 


Investigating Pumpkins...

Pumpkin Bird Feeder

Children In Need

National Poetry Day - 3rd October

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Whilst we had lots of fun in the classroom making Acrostic Poems, we also learnt a small part of an Autumn Poem to 'shout' outside in teams.
One is orange,
Two is brown,
Three is yellow,
On the ground!
We were excited to get out and explore autumn today (17th October 2019). We collected all things we thought were linked to autumn and then we created a large leaf pile, which ALL children loved jumping in. We thought and discussed what 'Autumn' is and why leaves fall off trees. 

Here are some photos of Buzzards enjoying the outside classroom. Whilst in the outdoor classroom we are learning how to be safe outdoors aswell as following our curriculum. We have bee doing our Maths, Science and D&T outside. What fun we have been having!! In our least session we were unable to go in the outside classroom due to the wind therefore we explored all the natural materials that we had on the field - hence the blue basket! We were in teams collecting natural materials.


This term we are looking at Place Value - we are exploring numbers through a variety of ways.

Part Part Whole


Here is a range of things we have been doing in English and Phonics. We began the term looking at some stories about toys. We then learnt Traction Man, which the children seem to love, following on from this we innovated Traction Man. So, we created a Buzzard class version. Then last week, we started becoming authors inventing our own stories.

Improvement hats - We sometimes wear them when we want to improve our work.