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Sarah G



The new website is a lot more exciting and up to date. My favourite thing about Mark was all of the lovely teachers.








Thanks for the continued updating to the blog for the Owls class and on your new site. It's great to see some evidence of what pupils are learning and exploring.


Duncan Wouldn't expect anything less from such a fantastic school. What a wonderfully happy, cheerful and informative website. I think the layout, the colours and the content are truly reflective of the school, the staff and its governors. The website shows off the school in the best light and illustrates the wonderful learning environment enjoyed by the pupils. I hope others agree. 17.3.14
Gareth I saw the poppy display at the front of school yesterday and thought it was excellent.  Keep up the good work.   18.11.14
A.Yates Thanks Gareth, it was inspired by the Tower of London display. We've planted poppy seeds on the field too. It has been a really reflective time.  29.11.14
Ashna  I really like it at Mark I've settled in well.   31.05.15
A.Yates I'm so glad you have joined us. It is as if you and your sisters have always been here!smiley 6.06.15